Lutheran Carnival

A weekly/bi-weekly roundup of the best posts in the confessional Lutheran blogosphere, as submitted by the authors.

Montag, Juli 30, 2007

Lutheran Carnival LV Is Up

Prepare Ye hosts the fifty-fifth edition of the Lutheran Carnival.

Thanks, Coach!

Donnerstag, Juli 26, 2007

Reminder for Lutheran Carnival LV

The deadline for Carnival LV is just two days away. Don't forget to turn in your posts at the normal address, lutherancarnival AT

The Coach at Prepare Ye will post the Carnival Sunday.


We also thank those who have volunteered to fill out the rest of August, but think ahead! These carnivals come and go too quickly. :)

Donnerstag, Juli 19, 2007

Announcement for Lutheran Carnival LV

"God, as some cynic has noted, is always on the side of the winning football team." -- Heywood Brown

The Coach and seminarian at Prepare Ye will host the fifty-fifth Lutheran Carnival. I am personally giving him permission to use a football theme if he so desires. :)

Send your entries in to the Lutheran Carnival by July 27 for the July 29 edition.

Dienstag, Juli 17, 2007

We Can Use More Hosts

I hate to continue to beg for hosts, but I need to. The simple fact is Elle is pregnant and the baby is due in Late October/Early November. As much as I would like to think everything will go well(s), I'm still preparing for the worst. What does this mean? I really need to have have all the spots sewn up to December ASAP. I know, projecting out whether you can host a carnival or not in December when its July is a little presumptuous. Once my daughter is here, however, the carnival will take a backseat to everything. I'm going to be one busy and tired dad for a while. Dan can handle things, but I would rather him having to do as little as possible during that time. He does a lot to help me out anyway, and I probably rely too heavily upon him at the moment anyway. This is what I need. If we can get two more volunteers for September, we can start working from there. The dates are September 9 and September 23. If you can help out on those dates, I would appreciate it. Email either me (daniel dot sellers at gmail dot com) or Dan (dan at necessaryroughness dot com).

Montag, Juli 16, 2007

Lutheran Carnival LIV is Up!

Pastor Snyder has posted the fifty-fourth edition of the Lutheran carnival on the Ask the Pastor blog. The carnival features the first Lutheran migrants to Australia and contains a lot of posts for your viewing pleasure.

Montag, Juli 09, 2007

Loose Ends

Ask the Pastor has noted that he has a House Rules page for Carnival LIV. You are still free to send confessional Lutheran posts to the carnival, but ATP also wants to hear about your vacations, good and bad. Wasn't there an Aardvark some time back who said there was no vacation from vocation?

I would also like to thank the people who stepped up after Ask the Pastor to finish out the carnivals for July and August. The next three carnivals will be hosted by Prepare Ye, The Children of God, and Random Intolerance.

Freitag, Juli 06, 2007

Announcement for Lutheran Carnival LIV

Lutheran Carnival LIV will be hosted by one of the starting pitchers of the Lutheran blogosphere, Ask the Pastor. Pastor Snyder will take your posts until July 13 (though he can be a little forgiving) for the July 15 edition.

We also have a new blog bringing up the last post of July, but after that it's all open. Don't worry about having as much information as Pastor Snyder -- you won't. Just sign up and enjoy learning something new. :)

Sonntag, Juli 01, 2007

Lutheran Carnival LIII Is Up!

Barb the Evil Genius has delivered an excellent fifty-third edition of the Lutheran Carnival, featuring a Lutheran from Transylvania! Check it out, send your thanks, then sign up to host a Carnival of your own.