Lutheran Carnival

A weekly/bi-weekly roundup of the best posts in the confessional Lutheran blogosphere, as submitted by the authors.

Mittwoch, Januar 30, 2008

Need a Host for the Next Carnival

The 70th Lutheran Carnival will be hosted here at the mother ship, but we need a host for number 69 to be posted on February 10. We'll keep collecting posts, but we can sure use a hand.

Sonntag, Januar 27, 2008

Lutheran Carnival LXVIII Is Up

Necessary Roughness is now hosting the latest Lutheran Carnival, and for once I didn't pick a dead guy. :) Radio host-speaker-writer Todd Wilken is the Lutheran we should know or at least hear.

Don't forget to link to the Carnival, so that your readers can check out the best posts from the Lutheran blogosphere over the last two weeks. I picked the Top 10 out of 27 good candidates.

Freitag, Januar 25, 2008

Last Call for this Carnival

Don't forget to submit your entries to the Lutheran Carnival. The official deadline is tonight, but I've got a head start on the post and can fudge the deadline a little bit.

I will make a list of Top Posts I found during the last two weeks and then have a section for submissions. If another link to your blog wouldn't hurt, send them in!

Mittwoch, Januar 23, 2008

Reminder for Lutheran Carnival LXVIII

It's Tuesday, and time to be thinking about submitting your post or someone else's to the Lutheran Carnival.

In Christian freedom, you can follow the rules. Or don't. I'll read the posts. Your opinions are valuable, and I'll use them.

I have yet to decide which Lutheran/church father to highlight. Sunday is the commemoration date of St. John Chrysostom. While he is most certainly a figure worthy to be featured, I think more soldiers of the church militant, rather than the church triumphant, are in order. Being featured on the Lutheran Carnival isn't exactly receiving the Sabre of Boldness, but an interview would be a challenge I appreciate.

I've rambled too much. Send your posts in by Friday, January 25, for the Carnival on the 27th. I will host the carnival on the frozen tundra of Necessary Roughness.

Dienstag, Januar 15, 2008

A Carnival Refresher

Lutheran Carnival I was hosted on this site on August 14, 2005. A lot of Lutheran blogs have come and gone since then, so it's time for a refresher course in submitting posts for the Carnival. The Carnival is a biweekly roundup of great Lutheran reading.

Why submit posts to the Lutheran Carnival? Several reasons:
  1. You may have a mixed content blog. One entry you're doting on your kids, the next entry you're commenting on your favorite political candidate, another entry the Laffer curve, and people seeking religious content may want to just skip to the theological post you wrote a week and a half ago.
  2. You recognize that you are part of a community of Lutheran bloggers that support each other. A Carnival submission is what you have to offer to this community.
  3. You can use the soft deadlines to drive yourself into a posting rhythm. Some people write like they take pictures: the more attempts, the better they get.
  4. The links to your site raise your Technorati rankings and may benefit slightly in the revenue department if you run ads.
  5. If you blog within an organization such as Higher Things or CTSFW, you may reach someone you haven't thought of yet.
  6. You read someone's blog entry that was really good and deserved recognition besides on your own blog.
And there are other reasons, which may get you accused of sanctified pride or worse. Suck it up. You chose to author a blog or three. ;) Other commentary can be found on this blog from a year ago.

All right, Dan, you convinced me. How do I submit a page?

Elle has created some basic posting instructions. I'm a little more free with the format of your submission, and I allow your nomination of other blogs because I'm comfortable with vetting a little bit. If the suggested format of post submission is stopping you from telling how good someone's blog entry is, don't worry about the format.

I will do some scouring of the Lutheran blogosphere myself. At the time of this post I have 223 Lutheran web sites between Bloglines and Google Reader. I do not have everybody. I think I only have four HT blogs. I will probably miss some good posts. I can use your help.

Thanks for your time!

Montag, Januar 14, 2008

Lutheran Carnival LXVII

This message is a day late, but the sixty-seventh Lutheran Carnival was posted on time yesterday at Journalistic Jargon. Stop by and give her some danke schön.

It has been exactly one year since Necessary Roughness has hosted a Carnival, so the Ref is going to step it up and do some serious officiating. Your blog is likely not safe from my Bloglines- and Google-enhanced eye, unless you get enthusiastic. ;)

After my edition, the field is wide open for takers.

Dienstag, Januar 08, 2008

Reminder for Lutheran Carnival LXVII

The not-as-terrible Mrs. Swede will be hosting the sixty-seventh edition of the Lutheran Carnival at Journalistic Jargon.

Have your submissions in by January 11, for the next Sunday's post.

There is a lot of good stuff out there dealing with Epiphany, so if you don't have a post of your own, nominate someone else's.

Freitag, Januar 04, 2008

How Beautiful are the Feet...

...of him (her?) who brings good news...

Mrs. T. Swede, d.v., will be hosting the first edition of the new year at Journalistic Jargon. Be sure to get your posts in by January 11th for the Carnival on the 13th.