Lutheran Carnival

A weekly/bi-weekly roundup of the best posts in the confessional Lutheran blogosphere, as submitted by the authors.

Sonntag, Juli 30, 2006

Lutheran Carnival XXIX Is Up

Kantor Sean has posted the 29th edition of the Lutheran Carnival, digging deep into Lutheranism's musical roots. Thank you Sean!

The Lutheran Carnival blog's geologist persona will be hosting Lutheran Carnival XXX right here on August 13. Posts will be due on the 11th.

Mittwoch, Juli 19, 2006

Announcement for Lutheran Carnival XXIX

Organist-composer Sean will be hosting the 29th edition of the Lutheran Carnival on his blog, Hot Lutheran on Lutheran Action. Posts are due July 28 for the July 30 post.

Christopher Gillespie of Outer Rim Territories has also volunteered his time to host a Carnival. Be sure to check the list and find a date that's convenient for you to host.

Thank you, gentlemen, for volunteering!

Sonntag, Juli 16, 2006

Oh Boy, we need more hosts again...

Yeah, it's time for us in the Lutheran Carnival world to volunteer a little time and host carnivals XXXI-XL. If you know you'll be able to host one of the times below, email me at daniel DOT sellers AT gmail DOT com or email dan AT necessaryroughness DOT org. Either one of us can make sure you have a date scheduled to host. We appreciate everyone who either volunteers or submits links for the carnival. We appreciate it.

The rest of the year has been booked! Thank you, Ask the Pastor, for stepping up. We are still taking volunteers for January.

LC XXXVIII-- Hosted by Living Sermons, Posts due by December 1st, Carnival up by December 3rd.

LC XXXIX-- Hosted by Ask the Pastor, Posts due by December 15th, Carnival up by December 17th.

LC XL-- Hosted by Lutheran Carnival. Posts due by December 29th, Carnival up by December 31st.

Lutheran Carnival XXVIII

Dienstag, Juli 11, 2006

Reminder for Carnival XXVIII

I am stoked about some of the quality writing I have seen in the Lutheran blogosphere as of late. I've had to send three articles by someone else to Vicar Lehmann to make sure they make it into the carnival.

Please turn your posts in by Friday evening, so that the Vicar can post the Carnival on Sunday.

Mittwoch, Juli 05, 2006

Announcement for Lutheran Carnival XXVIII

Vicar Chaz Lehmann of Drowning Myself Whenever I Can will be hosting Lutheran Carnival the 28th. Posts are due Friday, June 14, at midnight GMT, and the reliable vicar will have XXVIII posted on July 16.

Montag, Juli 03, 2006

Lutheran Carnival XXVII

The Lutheran Carnival is now up at Michael P. O'Connor's blog. Thank him for volunteering to do this. LC XXVIII will be hosted at Drowning Myself Whenever I can.