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Sonntag, Februar 24, 2008

Lutheran Carnival LXX-- Sabbath Rest

Thou shalt sanctify the holy-day.

What does this mean?--Answer.

We should fear and love God that we may not despise preaching and His Word, but hold it sacred, and gladly hear and learn it.

God gave us the blessing of rest. What a wonderful gift.

Weekend Fisher of Heart, Mind, Soul and Strength sends us two links. In the first, Lent 3 with Moltmann, Weekend Fisher continues her series of Lenten posts reading through Jurgen Moltmann's classic, The Crucified God. In the second link, The Shechinah, the Presence of God, and the Messiah, the glorious presence of God in the Old Testament -- the Shechinah -- was discussed by the Rabbis of old who scoured the Scriptures for the signs of when and where the Presence of God was promised. Weekend Fisher explores how Jesus uses the same language when he refers to himself.

Dan at Necessary Roughness also sends two links. In Charles Barkley, Fake Christians, and Judging Not, he takes a look at the theological and political nature of Charles Barkley's accusation that conservatives are fake Christians. Next, in Condemned Already, he points out that the Gospel for the first Sunday in Lent is a verse short, leaving out an exclusive claim of Christianity.

Over at Putting Out The Fire , Frank compares cooking up sauces with specialty saucepans with the liturgical season of Lent’s hymnody in a post titled Lenten Hymnody, The Windsor Saucepan Of The Liturgical Church Year.

There were a large number of third-party submissions. They include:

Thinking out Loud: Soul Winning Worhisp and Perhaps We Should Survey the Top 5% of Soul Bearing Marriages

Preachrblog: Revitalization: Numbers vs. Faithfulness

Weedon's Blog: Patristic Passages of Interest for Lutherans

Cranach: Happy Presidents (or Presidents’, or President’s) Day

Drowning Myself Whenever I Can: Funerals - The highest confession of a church's theology

This Side of the Pulpit: Sensuality and the Spectacular!

House, M.Div.: Hot Sex! Adults Only! 30 Day Trial! and No Sabres of Boldness Here

The Lutheran Carnival made it to 70 carnivals. I guess I thought we'd make it this far. I don't know. I wasn't thinking about that when my wife and I started the carnival. We were just thinking this is a cool idea. Time has moved on, my wife became my wife, and we have a baby now who keeps us busy. I've thought about this for a while, and it's time for the carnival to take a rest. Participation is down, and the hosts are now having to scour the blogsphere looking for posts. I think a rest would be good. The carnival will be back. When is something that has yet to be determined. We'll let you know.


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