Lutheran Carnival

A weekly/bi-weekly roundup of the best posts in the confessional Lutheran blogosphere, as submitted by the authors.

Samstag, Januar 27, 2007

Carnival XLII Is In the House

House, M.Div. hosts Lutheran Carnival XLII a day early. Go over there and thank him for his time, if just to irritate him. :)

House features a live Lutheran, Dr. David Adams, and divides the carnival up into Physicians, Residents, and Patients.

Donnerstag, Januar 25, 2007

Reminder for Lutheran Carnival XLII

Friday is the deadline for the 42nd edition of the Lutheran Carnival, hosted by House, M.Div. I doubt he will be as generous with the Overtime as I was. :)

Recently I checked some of my blog stats and noticed that I was still getting hits from last year's Lutheran Carnivals. Unlike articles served by RSS feeds, the carnivals stay until a particular blogger chooses to delete. If a post means something to you, send it in.

Mittwoch, Januar 17, 2007

Carnival Feedback

Aardvark Alley and the Theology Geek have questioned whether there has been a decline in confessional Lutheran blogging. If you haven't already, visit those sites and offer your input.

In the comments at Aardvark Alley, one of the most-read bloggers in the Lutheran community has this to say about the Lutheran Carnival:
As for the "Carnival" ... I really don't know what the point of it is since anyone with a feed reader can easily keep up with every Lutheran blog site out there, quickly and conveniently. So, I wouldn't stress over that one too much either.
I'm going to agree with Pastor McCain on this point. Having a Bloglines roll of 150+ Lutheran blogs alone, it is easier and faster than for someone to wait two weeks, collect submissions, and reformat them into a post.

The Carnival can do and sometimes does do more than that, and I think we need to focus and improve on these differences for the Carnival to continue. If I may be so bold, it might be interesting to see if the Carnival's strengths can be utilized so as to make it attractive to people like Rev. McCain to host. If you shoot for the stars and miss, you may still land on top of the world. :)

So, what can the Carnival do that Bloglines/Feedster/Google Reader cannot?

The Carnival highlights the host. While hosting a carnival one can develop a theme, write a blurb about a famous church father, provide commentary on submissions, recommend other posts by the same author, and/or provide a topic to write on.

He or she also reads the posts to verify that any theology falls within the Confessions. For a layman, that last duty is probably the hardest, and the host may learn something new if a submission doesn't quite look right. I've rejected posts before on a theological basis. Forty-one posts into the carnival, that isn't much of a problem any more.

For most people, hosting the Carnival results in a traffic spike, bringing more people to the blog. My spike was about 35 unique visitors over the daily average. Readers discover the new host blog and add it to their blog rolls (unless they use the BBOV, and then Pastor 'Vark adds it for them). :)

Along the same lines, hosting the Carnival results in more people reading the host's posts and getting to know the host better. This may be a positive thing when people read one's comments on other blogs and make snap judgments about the person. Readers get to increase their sample size of the host's writing. This is a benefit that even the most seasoned bloggers can realize.

Most blogs I know don't have an elder at the door asking if you're a particular denominational stripe. I suspect NR has a lower Lutheran-to-others ratio than whatever average exists for Lutheran blogs. Mine is not a theology-only blog. Non-Lutherans who read our blogs may click on some of the links and find the theology that drives us.

Thus far the reasons I've given are admittedly self-centered. The Carnival is not only for the host but for those who submit posts.

One knows two things right off the bat about people who submit posts to the Lutheran Carnival:
  1. If they read the rules, they say they subscribe to the Lutheran Confessions, and
  2. They think their topic is worth discussing.
If what the person has to say is beneficial, they should be promoted. Pastor McCain is right that RSS readers make it easy to identify new posts, but they also make it easier to ignore posts. "Catching up" is almost too easy. An interesting post can be missed, either because the blogger shows only excerpts in his RSS feed, or the shear volume of information is simply not to be processed by the human brain. :) These guys need feedback, and being the recent host I am probably chief sinner in not going to the submitters' sites and leaving complements. I did spend some time reflecting on Long Eye Moose's post and giving constructive criticism. Sometimes people blog because a) they write better than they speak, or b) they are in a situation where they think the world is screwed up and they need confirmation, or c) I'm just projecting onto all of you, or d) all of the above.

The host has the opportunity to make the submitters better, or the host has a chance to learn from the submitters.

So if you don't want to host a Carnival for yourself, host it for the other people in the Lutheran blogosphere. The more people confess the truth, the better. The more people we teach and gently correct when a particular doctrine seems astray, the better.

Announcement for Lutheran Carnival XLII

Lutheran Carnival XLII will be hosted at House, M.Div. Until further notice, posts are due Friday, January 26th, at 6 p.m. Central Daylight Time. The Carnival will be up some time on Sunday, January 28th.

Thank you, all who participated in the current carnival.

Sonntag, Januar 14, 2007

Lutheran Carnival XLI

The 41st edition of the Lutheran Carnival is up at Necessary Roughness.

Dienstag, Januar 09, 2007

Reminder for Lutheran Carnival XLI

This Friday is the deadline for the next Lutheran Carnival, hosted at Necessary Roughness. I've gotten some good stuff, including another Lutheran with an autistic child. I'm still pondering how to handle that post; it may need more treatment than a mere link and description.

No one has yet to take up the Garrison Keillor topic, so if you write one you may already be the winner for best topical post! :)

Freitag, Januar 05, 2007

A Note on LC XL

There have been a couple of comments asking whether I received some late submissions to the carnival. I did, but since I extended the deadline, I had to cut things of at some point. Last Saturday on 7 PM (0100 Sunday UTC, GMT, or Zulu) I had to stop taking submissions. There was also one person who submitted three links from his blog (we were allowing three links from other blogs. The two link from your own blog rule still applied.) I'll make sure the extra submission makes it to the next carnival. Even with that cutoff, the carnival was still put up a little late (I personally aim for 12pm CST aka 1800 UTC). If, for some reason, you don't want your late submissions to be in the next carnival, let Dan at NR know.


Dienstag, Januar 02, 2007

Announcement for Lutheran Carnival XLI

Be a sinner/saint and post boldly! I am hosting Lutheran Carnival XLI at my own blog, Necessary Roughness. Full details are on this post. The deadline has been pushed a couple of hours on January 12 for the January 14 edition.

Don't wait until overtime to send your submissions in. :)