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Donnerstag, Januar 25, 2007

Reminder for Lutheran Carnival XLII

Friday is the deadline for the 42nd edition of the Lutheran Carnival, hosted by House, M.Div. I doubt he will be as generous with the Overtime as I was. :)

Recently I checked some of my blog stats and noticed that I was still getting hits from last year's Lutheran Carnivals. Unlike articles served by RSS feeds, the carnivals stay until a particular blogger chooses to delete. If a post means something to you, send it in.


  • At Donnerstag, Januar 25, 2007 3:55:00 PM, Anonymous Carol Rutz said…

    This is Carol Rutz of BadCarol! Just want to drop a note letting you know that I've submitted some links to you, plus a recommended blog post from someone else.

    If you needed someone to host the next one, let me know and I can host one for you.


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