Lutheran Carnival

A weekly/bi-weekly roundup of the best posts in the confessional Lutheran blogosphere, as submitted by the authors.

Mittwoch, August 30, 2006

Announcement for Lutheran Carnival XXXII

Christopher Gillespie of Outer Rim Territories will host the 32nd edition of the Lutheran Carnival. Thanks, Chris! Submissions are due September 8 for a September 10 posting.

Sometimes hosts get panicky when submissions all come in on the last day. I understand the motivation; we don't know what all we're going to post. If you post something good though, kick it in and give our volunteer hosts some time to manage. :)

After TK of Be Strong in the Grace hosts the 33rd carnival the field is wide open for hosts. Please check the list of dates and see when you can host a carnival. Unless you're the Aardvark you're probably guaranteed a rank bump on the Truth Laid Bear rankings when you host a carnival. ;)

Sonntag, August 27, 2006

WDJD Hosts Carnival XXXI

The thirty-first edition of the Lutheran Carnival has been posted a day early at What Did Jesus Do.

Thanks, Ryan, for such a good job!

Dienstag, August 22, 2006

Reminder for Carnival XXXI

Lutheran Carnival XXXI will be hosted by fellow Buckeye-stater Ryan Schroeder on What Did Jesus Do. Submissions are due on the 25th for Sunday's post.

By the way: he has a nice article on Evangelism today.

Dienstag, August 15, 2006

Announcement for Lutheran Carnival XXXI

The thirty-first edition of the Lutheran Carnival will be hosted by Ohio blogger What Did Jesus Do. The deadline for XXXI is August 25th for the August 27th post.

Thanks, Ryan!

Montag, August 14, 2006

Lutheran Carnival XXX

Welcome to LC XXX. There's been a lot going on since the carnival was last hosted on this blog.

Henry Melchior Muhlenberg is considered the founder of Lutheranism within America. While many Lutheran pastors had come before, he founded the first synod (the Pennsylvania Ministerium). He was one of the stabilizing forces for Lutheranism in America.

We'll start out with our first entry from Jason at Theology Geek. His post entitled Making Confessional Theology Happen is about how many of us Confessional Lutherans want to see change happen in the Missouri Synod. I have a suggestion of three things that laypeople can do to start provoking change.

The second is submitted by Chris at Cafe Diem. In his post The Right Van, he shares some thoughts on the border issue, gleaned from several trips to rural Mexico.

Pr. Klages from A Beggar at the Table sends us Forgiveness. In possibly the shortest blog post yet submitted to the
carnival, Pr. Klages discusses forgiveness.

Dan at Necessary Roughness submits two posts: Divine Service at Memorial and A Solo on Vacation. Dan sang three solos at Memorial Lutheran Church on July 30th. In Divine Service at Memorial, Dan includes with the Verse a sermon by Pastor J. Bart Day, full of Law, Gospel, and Jesus. Dan posted an entire hymn at A Solo on Vocation, "How Clear is Our Vocation, Lord" from Hymnal Supplement 98.

Pastor Aardvark of Aardvark Alley also submitts two posts: I'm Psyched and BBOV Heads South. Aardvark Alley took some vacation time, which means that little besides commemorations and feast days were posted. Once he returned, he said, "I'm Psyched," not because the time off was particularly refreshing but because he was reviewing a new TV series named Psyche. Then, in BBOV Heads South, the Rev. Aardvark introduced new bloggers, including some from Australia. (ed. Australia! Australia! Australia! We Love You! Amen!)

Pastor Snyder of Ask the Pastor also has two submissions: Age of Accountability, Immanuel, and Isaiah 7 plus Jesus' Death and the Nicene Creed. Pastor Snyder continues to receive a wide variety of questions at Ask the Pastor. He applies Christology to the question of accountability for sins in Age of Accountability, Immanuel, and Isaiah 7. In his latest post, Jesus' Death and the Nicene Creed, he shows how the Creed testifies to the certainty that Christ died, even though this truth isn't explicitly stated.

Pastor Chryst at Preacherblog states Why Your Church Should Have a Website. He discusses why EVERY church should have a website.

Ryan at Backward Kingdom submits We Are Works of Art Not Meant for a Museum. He ruminates on God's works of art and admonishes Lutherans to stop breaking into cold sweats whenever they hear the phrase "good works."

Elle at Intollerant Elle sends in Garage Sale Finds. She finds all sorts of good deals in the Wichita area.

Finally, I submit to you Reworking the Common Service. I kind of explain what kind of changes I would make to the Common Service if I were on the WELS Committee on Worship.

Thank you for reading this Carnival. The next Carnival is hosted by What Did Jesus Do. Posts are due by August 25. The Carnival should be up by August 27.

Dienstag, August 08, 2006

Reminder for Carnival XXX

Random Dan will be hosting the 30th Lutheran Carnival here. Be sure to send your posts in by August 7, 7:00pm CDT (midnight at Greenwich).

Mittwoch, August 02, 2006

Announcement for Lutheran Carnival XXX

Lutheran Carnival XXX will be hosted right here at the mother ship. Random Dan will take all your posts up until April 11th, midnight Zulu time, unless he says otherwise.