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Dienstag, Juli 17, 2007

We Can Use More Hosts

I hate to continue to beg for hosts, but I need to. The simple fact is Elle is pregnant and the baby is due in Late October/Early November. As much as I would like to think everything will go well(s), I'm still preparing for the worst. What does this mean? I really need to have have all the spots sewn up to December ASAP. I know, projecting out whether you can host a carnival or not in December when its July is a little presumptuous. Once my daughter is here, however, the carnival will take a backseat to everything. I'm going to be one busy and tired dad for a while. Dan can handle things, but I would rather him having to do as little as possible during that time. He does a lot to help me out anyway, and I probably rely too heavily upon him at the moment anyway. This is what I need. If we can get two more volunteers for September, we can start working from there. The dates are September 9 and September 23. If you can help out on those dates, I would appreciate it. Email either me (daniel dot sellers at gmail dot com) or Dan (dan at necessaryroughness dot com).