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Mittwoch, April 25, 2007

Call for Hosts

We've almost made it to 50 carnivals. Considering how many carnivals never make it past their 5th edition, we're doing really well. Now we're looking for hosts for carnivals 51-60. It is now first-come, first-served when it comes to hosting. You can either email me (daniel DOT sellers AT gmail DOT com) or Dan (dan AT necessaryroughness DOT org) and we'll get you on the list. As a reminder, please do not email the Lutheran Carnival email address with anything but links.

LC LI-- Hosted by The Moose Report. Links due by June 1. Carnival up by June 3.

LC LII-- Hosted by Weekend Fisher. Links due by June 15. Carnival up by June 17.

LC LIII-- Hosted by Barb the Evil Genius. Links due by June 29. Carnival up by July 1.

LC LIV-- Hosted by Ask the Pastor. Links due by July 13. Carnival up by July 15.

LC LV-- Hosted by Prepare Ye. Links due by July 27. Carnival up by July 29.

LC LVI-- Hosted by The Children of God. Links due by August 10. Carnival up by August 12.

LC LVII-- Hosted by Random Intolerance. Links due by August 24. Carnival up by August 26.

LC LVIII-- Hosted by The Moose Report. Links due by September 7. Posts due by September 9.

LC LIX-- Hosted by Full Throttle. Links due by September 21. Posts due by September 23.

LC LX-- Hosted by Lutheran Carnival. Links due by October 5. Posts due by October 7.

Thank you to everyone who volunteers!



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