Lutheran Carnival

A weekly/bi-weekly roundup of the best posts in the confessional Lutheran blogosphere, as submitted by the authors.

Samstag, März 31, 2007

We Still Need One More Host

After the Aardvark, we still need a host for the April 22nd Carnival. If you are willing to help, please email either Dan or I. We appreciate the help.

Mittwoch, März 28, 2007

Announcement for Lutheran Carnival XLVII

His Hairy Long-Snoutedness the Aardvark will be hosting the forty-seventh edition of the Lutheran Carnival on that Marauding Marsupial of blogs, the Aardvark Alley. It is meet, right, and salutary that you should nominate someone's post for the carnival or submit your own over the next week and a half.

The official deadline is April 6 for the April 8 carnival. Even though the Aardvark has cut people some slack in the past, let's not count on it this time. :)

Sonntag, März 25, 2007

Lutheran Carnival XLVI Is Up

Feel like you could use a good drink? Check out the forty-sixth edition of the Carnival on Blog. Seminarian Winters highlights Dr. Robert Cade, one of the inventors of Gatorade, who happens to attend the church where Winters served his vicarage. After taking in a good commercial, show some love and leave some comments.

Thanks for your time and effort, jW!

The next carnival will be hosted by Aardvark Alley.

Montag, März 19, 2007

Reminder for Lutheran Carnival XLVI

The Lutheran Carnival, full of theological tight-rope walkers, musicians, lions, and even a few clowns, makes its way over to Blog for Sunday's post. No bearded ladies were sighted this close to the deadline, which is Friday, March 23.

Two people have already submitted posts, and we look forward to seeing the rest! You can email your entry to lutherancarnival AT, and it will get there.

Mittwoch, März 14, 2007

Announcement for Lutheran Carnival XLVI

The forty-sixth edition of the Lutheran Carnival will emerge over at Blog. Seminarian Winters will take posts until March 23 for the March 25 super-post.

We've got one more spot to fill, the April 22 edition, before we start a new series of carnivals. I would like to thank everyone who has hosted so far, especially those of you who stepped up lately to host for the first time.

Sonntag, März 11, 2007

Lutheran Carnival XLV

Lutheran Carnival XLV is now up at Carol Rutz's Annexe. Please thank her for all the hard work and maybe read the carnival too!) The next Carnival will be hosted by Posts are due by March 23rd. The Carnival should be up by March 25th.

Mittwoch, März 07, 2007

Reminder for Lutheran Carnival XLV

Time marches on...until the deadline for Carnival XLV held at Carol Rutz's Annexe. Even if you don't have a video What the Frell, Carol will gladly take your posts until Friday evening.

Freitag, März 02, 2007

Announcement for Lutheran Carnival XLV

This week has flown by so fast I have yet to write my book report. :)

Next week's Lutheran Carnival will be hosted at <Bad Carol> Carol Rutz's </Bad Carol> Annexe. Please have your posts turned in March 9 for the March 11 edition. Carol suggests a "What the Frell" theme: check out her post for more information.

We also need bloggers for April. Check out the dates and sign up! Thanks for your time.