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Samstag, Dezember 09, 2006

Call for Hosts

We always seem to be needing hosts as of late, but this is the call for the next 10 carnivals in 2007. Yes, 2007 is almost here. We did alright in 2006. I hope that in 2007, we'll see an upswing in submissions once again. When submitting, remember two things. First, you are allowed to submit one third party blog per carnival. Also remember that hosts need to contribute a post of their own to the carnival. Thank you to all the new hosts this time around, and I hope we continue to see new blood hosting our carnival. I think this time, however, we'll make it first come first served. Whomever claims the date first gets it. You can email either Dan (daniel DOT sellers AT gmail DOT com or dan AT necessaryroughness DOT org) and we will place you on the list. (Please do not email the Lutheran carnival address with anything except links). So without any further delay, here is the dates and scheduled hosts for 2007.

LC XLVIII- Hosted by Living Sermons, Posts due by April 20. Carnival up by April 22.

LC IL- Hosted by Random Intolerance, Posts due by May 4. Carnival up by May 6.

LC L- Hosted by Lutheran Carnival, Posts due by May 18. Carnival up by May 20.

I hope to see you all host a carnival soon!


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