Lutheran Carnival

A weekly/bi-weekly roundup of the best posts in the confessional Lutheran blogosphere, as submitted by the authors.

Samstag, März 11, 2006

Submissions being taken for LC XX

This is the earliest I have put out a call for submissions for a long time. It is because I am hosting, so I actually have to remember all this stuff. Anyway, I have hinted that this carnival will be a little different than all the others. Being that I have been waxing nostalgic for a while now, I have decided LC XX is going to be an "Old School Carnival." What doe this mean? It means, for this one time, the rules are changing.

1) All posts submitted to the carnival must be from no later than March 2005.

2) I am flipping the rules on their head. Even if your blog was around then, you cannot submit posts from your own blog. You have to submit posts from other blogs.

3) Because of the above requirement, you can submit an unlimited number of posts from any Confessional Lutheran blog around at the time.

Why am I doing this? There is a lot of good stuff sitting in the archives of people's blogs, waiting to find the light of day. I remember some of it because I read it. There was no carnival back then to showcase all these posts, so I want to try this to see what happens. So, maybe one day these next two weeks, peruse someone's archives and see if there is something that really catches your eye. Remember, also, on normal carnivals, if your blog has been around a while, there is nothing to say the post or posts you submit must be from the past two weeks.