Lutheran Carnival

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Sonntag, Februar 19, 2006

Once Again Looking for Lutheran Carnival Hosts

Yes, for those of you looking for a good way to blow a Friday evening and a Saturday, hosting the Lutheran Carnival may be the ticket. We are looking for people to host Carnivals XXI-XXIX (as Carnival XXX will be hosted here, as is the tradition). It gives the host an opportunity to read all the posts before everyone else, and be really creative. Find an obscure theological figure to discuss, arrange the carnival in whatever way you see fit, and try to remember who has to host next. It is a challenge, but a fun one. If you want to host it, email me at daniel DOT sellers AT gmail DOT com, and put the words Carnival Host in the subject line. If you've never hosted before, you get priority (except LC XXII). Here are the available dates:

LC XXI-- Palm Sunday, Hosted by Necessary Roughness, Submissions due by April 7, Carnival up April 9

LC XXII-- Easter 2, Hosted by Ask the Pastor, Submissions due April 21, Carnival up April 23

LC XXIII-- Easter 4, Hosted by Random Dan, Submissions due Cinco de Mayo, Carnival up May 7

LC XXIV-- Easter 6/Ascension, Hosted by Nerd Heaven, Submissions due May 19, Carnival up May 21

LC XXV-- Pentecost, Hosted by Journalistic Jargon, Submissions due June 2, Carnival up June 4

LC XXVI-- Pentecost 2 (Trinity 1), Hosted by A Beggar at the Table, Submissions due June 16, Carnival up June 18

LC XXVII-- Pentecost 4, Hosted by ?, Submissions due June 30, Carnival up July 2

LC XXVIII-- Pentecost 6, Hosted by ?, Submissions due July 14, Carnival up July 16

LC XXIX-- Pentecost 8, Hosted by Hot Lutheran on Lutheran Action, Submissions due July 28, Carnival up July 30

LC XXX-- Pentecost 10, Hosted by Lutheran Carnival, Submissions due August 11, Carnival up August 13

All carnivals are available to host besides XXII and XXX. If you have a date in mind or wonder what this carnival thing is all about, email me and I'll do my best to educate you on the wonders of the carnival. If you haven't submitted a post in a while, why not?