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Sonntag, Mai 20, 2007

Lutheran Carnival L

I know. Doing the carnival twice in a row is a little bit of overkill. It is not the first time, however, I have done this. I did it with the first two carnivals. Back then, the carnival was a weekly endeavor. There's probably enough bloggers now to support a weekly carnival, if everyone would submit.

Anyway, most carnivals rarely reach their 5th carnival, let alone 50th. Somehow,this thing has managed to chug along, mostly in spite of me.

Who do you list for a Lutheran you should know but don't when you've hit 50? I'm not sure I ever thought that far ahead. Rather than list a Lutheran you should know but don't, I want to thank a couple of bloggers. First off, thank you to Dan at NR for helping keep things running when I became less than interested in the carnival and more interested in getting married. He also makes sure announcements go out and things don't become totally chaotic here. I also would like to thank Pr. Snyder. He was a big help when the carnival began, and is probably the only one who has sent in links to every carnival.

Laughing Martin, a newer blog, send in two links. His first, Is Synod an Oxymoron, he lists some theses of his own. I'm not sure how many there are. His second post, Worship Always Teaches Something: What will it be among US?, the pastor discusses worship and what it teaches us.

Next, we have Quicunque vult with Celebrating Mothers. Deaconess Carter discusses the mother of modern feminism and how she did theology.

Rev. Cwirla actaully preached a Mother's Day Sermon. It happens to be better than 99.999% of Mother's Day sermons.

Necessary Roughness sends in two links. In the first, Letting Kids Watch, Dan discusses the importance of letting 4-year-olds view what is going on in the chancel during worship to gain an appreciation and encourage participation. His second link is called Homiletics for Mother's Day and Father's Day. The way some preachers preach on Mother's Day and Father's Day can leave men wanting for Gospel. He challenges his readers to examine their Mother's Day sermons for signs that Christ is hidden away. (ed. I know some Magpies who would agree with him.

Confessing Evangelical sends in From Augsburg with Love. John H suggests that many Reformed Christians tend to underestimate the differences between Lutheranism and the Reformed faith, particularly as regards the Lord's Supper. He argues that this "misunderestimation" leads Reformed Christians to overlook the potential contribution that Lutheran theology (or "Augsburg evangelicalism") could make, not least for those tempted towards Rome.

Aardvark Alley sends in two links: Sorry Mom and BBOV Passes Two Hundred Twenty-Five. Aardvark Alley continues posting commemorative hagiographies and other items relating to the Church Year. Along with them, the Aardvark also revised the Mother's Day essay Sorry, Mom as an encouragement for all God's children to also be faithful to Holy Mother Church. He also celebrated the growth of quality confessional Lutheran blogging and his own Big Blogroll O' Vark by noting that the BBOV Passes Two Hundred Twenty-five.

Ask the Pastor also sends in two links: Five Blogs That Make Me Think and The Cross in Christian Art. Pastor Snyder must have been busy with other things, because his fortnight's output was only two posts. In one of them, he took a thoughtful look at the feeds he reads and chose the Five Blogs That Make [Him] Think. In a more traditional Ask the Pastor post, he also answered a question about the symbolism behind various representations of The Cross in Christian Art.

Heart, Mind, Soul and Strength also sends in two posts: Song of Solomon and The Prostitute Justified by Works: The Book of James.

What Did Jesus Do send in Law and Gospel in Hosea. In this post he takes a look at how Law and Gospel is taught in the story of Hosea's marriage to Gomer, found in the first three chapters of the book of Hosea.

Finally, we have Random Intolerance. In Mission Minded?, I discuss how Kirk Cameron uses Law and Gospel more effectively as a witnessing tool. I also extol (ed. more like berate) our pastors to tell us how to witness rather than telling us to witness and then letting us figure out the how. The second post is The Cost of Providing. Elle discusses the benefits of staying at home and the myth that both parents must work for a family to keep its head above the water.

Thank you to all who submitted posts and to all who read the carnival. The next carnival will be hosted by my sister-in-law at The Moose Report. Due to timezone changes, posts are due by 7pm ADT (10pm CDT or 0300 UTC Saturday) June 1 (June 2 UTC). I know there are some Australian Bloggers out there somewhere. I calculated the time for Sydney, and it's 1300 (1pm) Sydney time. Maybe we can get one or two of you all to submit with that info.

I also want to mention we have no volunteers to host after The Moose Report. If you would like to host, email either daniel DOT sellers AT gmail DOT com or dan AT necessaryrougness DOT org. We appreciate the help.



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