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Dienstag, Oktober 25, 2005

I'm looking for people to host the Carnival...

... OK, not really. There have been a few of you that have interest in hosting the carnival again. I appreciate all the offers, and I intend to make up the next host list as soon as I can figure out who offered what. The last couple of weeks have been a little crazy for me personally, so if you wouldn't mind emailing me back or telling me which dates you want to take, I can accommodate you.

Lutheran Carnival X- Hosted here. Posts due by November 4 by 7 pm CST (add six hours for our British friends). Carnival up by November 6.
Lutheran Carnival XI- Hosted by Dan at NR. Posts due by November 18 by 7 PM CST. Carnival up by November 20.
Lutheran Carnival XII- Hosted by Karl. Posts due by December 2. Carnival up by December 4.
Lutheran Carnival XIII- Hosted by Pr. Snyder. Posts due by December 16. Carnival up by December 18.
Lutheran Carnival XIV- Hosted by Intolerant Elle. Posts due by December 30, 2005. Carnival up by January 1, 2006.
Lutheran Carnival XV- Hosted by Chaz. Posts due by January 13, 2006. Carnival up by January 15, 2006.
Lutheran Carnival XVI- Hosted by Terrible Swede. Posts due by January 27, 2006. Carnival up by January 29, 2006.
Lutheran Carnival XVII- Hosted by Random Dan. Posts due by February 10, 2006. Carnival up by February 12, 2006.
Lutheran Carnival XVIII- Hosted by Karl. Posts due by February 24, 2006. Carnival up by February 26, 2006.
Lutheran Carnival XIX- Hosted by whomever. Posts due by March 10, 2006. Carnival up by March 12, 2006.
Lutheran Carnival XX- Hosted here. Posts due by March 24, 2006. Carnival up by March 26, 2006.

This is the long-term schedule for now. Of course, this could change, but I don't anticipate it. We are looking for hosts for Carnivals XIX. Sixteen has been assigned to the Swede. Anything that cannot be covered, either this site or my Random Thoughts blog will cover. If you have a specific date you would like, email me back at daniel dot sellers at gmail dot com. I will do my best to accommodate your requests, but they will essentially be first come first served.


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