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Mittwoch, September 28, 2005

Next Few Carnivals and a few more rules...

Since the carnival has changed from a weekly to a bi-monthly carnival after I nearly had to kill it, the schedule must be updated to let everybody know who is doing what when.

Lutheran Carnival VIII-Full Throttle & an Empty Gas Tank, October 9.

Lutheran Carnival IX-Be Strong in the Grace, October 23.

Lutheran Carnival X-Lutheran Carnival, November 6.

From now on, there are to be no suggested topics, period. Topics have driven down the number of posts on the carnival, and we're trying to build this thing up, not make me have to kill it because of lack of participation. You are more than welcome to submit posts early if you are going out of town. If you submit late, from now on it will be held over until the next carnival. I thought I had made that clear before, but maybe not. I will kill the carnival if there are not 20 posts in the mailbox by the announced time and date due. On the other hand, the one link per person rule will be relaxed and you will be allowed two links since this will be every two weeks.

That being said, posts are due for Carnival VIII by Friday, October 7 by 7PM CDT (0000 UTC or GMT on Saturday October 8 for those outside the US and for the hams). I'll remind you all again next week.


  • At Mittwoch, September 28, 2005 8:22:00 PM, Blogger TKls2myhrt said…

    Due to the moving back of my chosen Carnival date, I must request that post links be submitted to me by 11:59pm on Wednesday, October 20th. I may grant a very few exceptions. I will most likely be out of town from 10/20/05 to 10/23/05, since this is when all schools in MN shut down and have teacher conventions (even the Lutheran ones). I want to be reading the posts on Thursday and Friday and writing my introduction on Saturday. I will have internet access, but I want to get started early. Thanks!


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