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Mittwoch, Juni 21, 2006

We found a host!

The next host for LC XXVII is Michael P. O'Connor. First, thank him for stepping up and then start sending him posts at lutherancarnival at gmail dot com. He would like to get an early start on the carnival, so it would be nice if we all (many of you who have hosted have seen how close I cut it, sometimes) would get our posts in early. Me included. That said, the due date is still 7:00 PM CDT (0000 UTC Saturday) June 30 and the plan is still to put it up by July 2.

I will begin putting hosts together for the next series of 10 carnivals soon (XXXI-XL). I will put together a post showing all the open dates, and anyone will be able to pick whatever dates you want.

Also, thank Dan@NR for keeping me on my toes. I've been getting forgetful lately, with a wedding on my mind.