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Samstag, August 06, 2005

The First Post (and the rules)

Welcome to the newest blog on the Lutheran blogsphere, and quite possibly, one of the more interesting ideas. Yes, we're stealing from such notable carnivals as The Carnival of the Vanities, The Carnival of recipes, The Christian Carnival, etc. It's getting to the point there's a carnival for everything, so why not a carnival of Lutherans? Why not? There are enough blogs to support this little endeavor.

Carnivals work in this way: an author of a blog chooses the best post from the past week and submits it to the carnival address. Whoever is hosting the carnival for the week is responsible for taking all the links collected and turning them into one coherent post with all the links provided. Everybody then goes to the site, reads all the good stuff in the Lutheran blogsphere, and everybody is happy.

Now, we come to the "who can send a link and get on the Lutheran Blog Carnival?" Basically, you have to make a quia subscription to the Book of Concord. What does that mean? You have to believe that the Book of Concord is a right and proper exposition of the Word of God. In essence, you can't believe the Book of Concord was a neat historical leap, but we're beyond that now. I'll leave it up to you to judge whether you meet this criteria. We (the two obsessive compulsive people that are currently involved in this) have the right to reject any link for any reason, especially if we wrote it.

Your submission may be on any topic as long as it is written from a confessional Lutheran perspective and should be your best, favorite or otherwise notable post from from the previous week.

The first Carnival will be hosted here, but afterwards we will take volunteers to host the carnival. We'll maintain a schedule of hosting blogs, and, on major events, host it here. What we will aim for as a goal is Sunday Afternoon, so you can read the Carnival while listening to Issues Etc. Our first Carnival will be hosted here on Sunday, 14 August. This means your links need to be in to me by Friday, 12 August so that I can get the Carnival ready. Send your links to daniel DOT sellers AT gmail DOT com.

As one last request, please participate. This thing will not work without your participation. Also, if you don't mind, link to this post on your blogs and whore it in the Lutheran blogsphere. Thanks.


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